Short description

Tekla Structures is a powerful building information modeling and design software. The ability to create and combine 3D models regardless of material types, as well as manage collaborative workflows using accurate data from a 3D model, makes this software an integral part of BIM design of industrial and civil buildings and structures.

Tekla Structures allows you to create accurate, information-rich 3D models that contain complete material volume and scheduling data for building and maintaining buildings. The degree of elaboration of the LOD500 model. Highly detailed models represent the prototype of the building and minimize the risk of costly errors. The ability to import / export allows you to automatically transfer data to other software packages, to digital construction equipment and to production.

Tekla Structures software is localized according to building codes and GOSTs. Tekla Structures BIM is a product of a number of configurations targeting different segments and roles in the construction industry, and allows you to create accurate BIM of any building structure.

Work speed

Tekla Structures 3D engine is optimized for the design requirements of the models. This ensures fast work even with very large and highly detailed (LOD500) structural models (for example, metal structures from 3000 tons).



Modeling tools allow you to immediately build parametric structural elements: columns, beams, ties, crossbars, floor slabs and roofs, foundations of any profile with specified properties. Additional constructions from geometric primitives are not required — the user receives the desired structural element in one action, and then can edit its properties, including from the context menu. This makes the process of creating a 3D model intuitive and fast.

Created nodes and structural elements are parametric. The user can use the existing base of nodes, as well as create their own parametric nodes in a special editor that does not require programming knowledge.

Calculation and design

Tekla Structures allows you to interact with a number of specialized structural analysis and design software. The program implements the ability to transfer files to the software for calculation and vice versa by Import / Export of files, it is also possible to use spreadsheets with calculations. Tekla Structures supports many data formats such as SDNF, CIS / 2 and IFC. Communication with other software packages for transferring structural models to architects and engineers is achieved through the use of the most common formats: DWG, DXF, DGN, IFC, CIS / 2, etc. There are interfaces and data transfer methods between Tekla Structures and systems such as ARCHICAD , Revit, AVEVA PDMS / E3D, Intergraph Smart3D, Trimble SketchUp, Grasshopper. Tekla Structures has a preprocessor for creating a structural analysis model and transferring it to analysis systems: SCAD, Lira, Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis, CSI SAP2000, CSI ETABS and others. The design model is created automatically from the structural model, which reduces the percentage of errors associated with the construction of the design model of the building. To reduce routine operations or to communicate with other systems, the Open API Tekla Structures allows the user to record macros and create their own add-ons to the system using .NET languages.


Benefits of bundling with calculation and design software:

  • Coordination and visualization of models, drawings and reports;
  • Design engineers and modelers can work on the same model;
  • Effective change management ensures that design information is always up to date.

A short list of the design software that Tekla Structures interacts with:


Equipment for the production of

Tekla Structures can interact with a variety of manufacturing equipment used to make steel structures or precast concrete products. In steel fabrication, integration with any CNC machine software capable of importing DSTV files is possible. There are more sophisticated applications that can, for example, extract assembly information from the Tekla model for automatic layout and labeling. In precast production, information from the Tekla model can be used to communicate data about reinforcement, materials, embedded parts and concrete element geometry.


CNC software for steel fabrication that interfaces with Tekla Structures:


Project management

The value of the information contained in the Tekla model can be further enhanced by integrating user-to-user communication and management time data. Correlation of the main elements of information used in project management with the corresponding objects of the smart model makes it possible to create dynamic dashboards to monitor the progress of the project

Collaborate with architects and engineers

Tekla Structures has the ability to exchange model information and drawings with users of the main CAD systems for architectural design and utility modeling. Archicad, ADT, Revit Building, Nemetschek Allplan and Bentley Architecture are all fully IFC-compliant, just like Tekla Structures. Other formats are also supported such as DGN and DWG. Tekla Structures can interact with major CAD systems for industrial design, process equipment and piping, such as PDS, PDMS, Smartplant3D and Cadmatic. This makes it possible to better coordinate equipment placement and design decisions.

Scope of application

Tekla Structures is best suited for the development of the following building sets:

  • KM — Metal structures. Calculation and drawings
  • KMD — Metal detailing structures
  • KZh — Reinforced concrete structures
  • KD — wooden structures
  • AR — Architectural solutions

Automatic drawing creation


Drawings and documentation are generated automatically from templates. Drawings are always kept up to date: any change to the model automatically changes the drawing.


Example of a building model:

The main materials used in modeling are steel.

Sections of the developed documentation — KM, KMD.

The total weight of steel structures is 183 tons.

Example of drawings of the KM section:


Example of drawings of wiring diagrams of the KMD section:

An example of drawings of shipping marks of the KMD section:

An example of drawings of details of the section KMD:

Services provided by IM Consult LLC

The company IM Consult LLC specializes in the development of design and working documentation for the manufacture and installation of metal and reinforced concrete structures of any complexity, including: industrial and prefabricated buildings, shopping centers and shops, power transmission poles, towers, chimneys, enclosing structures in Tekla Structures software.

We develop KMD drawings (metal detailing structures) on the basis of KM design documentation provided by customers. The design department «IM Consult» performs this work in a specialized program Tekla Structures. This software package allows you to create accurate, maximum capacious 3D models of buildings and structures.

Tekla Structures allows clients of IM Consult to receive a comprehensive set of documentation for quick start of construction of an object, such documentation as: the main set of drawings, sets of excel lists (for supply, planning and technical department, sales service), NC files for automated production of parts from sheet and structural shapes, information on the order for 1C: Enterprise.

The wide range of software with which Tekla Structures interacts allows IM Consult specialists to work with specialists from related departments and working in such complexes as: Archicad, ADT, Revit Building, Nemetschek Allplan, Bentley Architecture, PDS, PDMS, Smartplant3D and Cadmatic.

Tekla Structures allows IM Consult specialists to create accurate, information-rich 3D models that contain complete data on the volume of materials and scheduling required for the construction and operation of buildings. The degree of elaboration of the LOD500 model. The ability to import / export allows you to automatically transfer data to other software packages, to digital construction equipment and to production.


We are engaged in the development of drawings of the stage: KM, KMD, KZh

Services provided:


  • 3D Design and Modeling of Steel Structures
  • Reengineering
  • Execution of works on the development of design documentation
  • Engineering and construction design of buildings and structures
  • Projects from metal structures with low metal consumption
  • Warehouse project development
  • Shopping center project development
  • Cold storage project development
  • Cable route projects
  • Hangar projects from metal structures
  • Development of drawings for buildings
  • Design of logistics warehouses and centers