IM Consult is the official distributor of AR SOFT, which develops and implements applications (Software) for augmented and virtual reality (AR / VR). The AR SOFT company is one of the first in the world to apply augmented reality technology in design. A unique development of the AR SOFT company is an innovative 3D design system in augmented reality glasses — AR TRAYS DESIGNER

AR TRAYS DESIGNER software allows you to design engineering systems in augmented reality glasses, directly at the facilities of the proposed construction or reconstruction. Using the AR TRAYS DESIGNER design system and augmented reality glasses, you can create a 3D model and see all the inconsistencies between the designed model and the real space and existing structures, while all control takes place only with the user’s hand gestures. Multiple users can simultaneously explore the virtual 3D model from any point, zoom at their discretion, create notes and comments for each node of the object, synchronize changes with the project database and upload the correct BOM.

The use of AR TRAYS DESIGNER simplifies the work of engineers and speeds up the work of the designer (8 times compared to the classical design method), as well as increases the quality and increases the speed of architectural supervision. Thanks to AR TRAYS DESIGNER, you get the opportunity to quickly create a 3D model of the designed object, find errors and discrepancies even before the project is delivered.

As part of a partnership with AR Soft, IM Consult provide services for viewing the BIM model with glasses on site at the customer’s place, for example, in an office or construction site, checking for collisions and inconsistencies of the virtual model with existing objects.

The following design sections are available in the AR TRAYS DESIGNER system: CSS (cable support systems), HW (heating and water supply), VA (ventilation and air conditioning), MS (metal structures).

AR TRAYS DESIGNER software features:

  • creation of structural units for engineering systems
  • visualization of product models in three-dimensional space at a scale of 1:1
  • construction of a virtual track in augmented reality glasses, combined with real space
  • the ability to connect a database of real products
  • unloading the final specification
  • unloading a three-dimensional model in *obj format
  • loading of ready-made models of objects from CAD programs for field supervision
  • integration and modification of software according to customer needs
  • preparation of 3D models and design objects according to the customer’s specifications

AR TRAYS DESIGNER software benefits:

  • design speed is increased by 8 times (compared to the classical method)
  • the probability of errors and collisions is minimized
  • saving time
  • improving the quality and speed of architectural supervision
  • excludes intersection of the designed (virtual) model with a real object
  • economic efficiency of the entire project as a whole
  • the ability to visualize the designed objects for public demonstrations and exhibitions

AR SOFT provides the following software development services using augmented and virtual reality technologies:

  • analysis of the customer’s business requirements
  • preparation of technical specifications for the needs of the customer
  • development of user interface and architectural design of the system
  • development of functionality
  • functional testing
  • implementation and technical support of software (software)
  • creation of 3D models and design objects according to the customer’s specifications